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The Confluence Of Kasibunkari & LIVA: A New Era of Fashion

The Confluence Of Kasibunkari & LIVA: A New Era of Fashion

Fashion is an expression of our inner voice. What we wear on our skin reveals more about our identity than anything else. The contradiction that lies here is that many times, we compromise our comfort for the sake of appealing fashion. Kasibunkari met Liva fabric on one such journey, the journey where Kasibunkari tried to find breathable comfort and a chic appearance both in one.

Liva is a high-quality fabric made from natural cellulosic fibers of Aditya Birla Group. What distinguishes it apart is its natural origin. The unbelievable breathing space that this fabric provides to your skin is inexplicable. It stands out with its fluid nature that lets the falls and drapes of the apparel feel like magic. With the traditional textile techniques of Kasibunkari and the superior fabric of Liva, your sarees are bound to not only make you feel confident, but also give you a comfort that you remain true to your authentic self.

When Kasibunkari set to meet Liva, it was hoping to find a junction between comfort and style. It did not think it would find much more than expected. With the growing times of instability in our environment, it has rather become necessary for us to maintain a lifestyle that is environmentally-conscious and sustainable in nature. With its eco-friendly nature, Liva takes its step forward to making this planet greener, and so does Kasibunkari, as it walks alongside Liva.

The most astounding factor that attracted Kasibunkari to Liva was that even with the highest level of comfort and its sustainable nature, the style of Liva fabric makes it stand out high in the fashion industry. The natural sheen of the fabric provides vibrancy to Liva that never fades. The luxurious texture of the fabric with the style, design and art of Kasibunkari orchestrates finesse in every weave of your saree

Kasibunkari believes in the values of the traditions and culture of India as it strives to hold these beliefs up and high. Every weave of Kasibunkari narrates a history of the culture of India, just like every weave of Liva fabric screams comfort and style. In parallel to Kasibunkari, Liva also believes in the representation of an authentic identity. Just as the identity of Kasibunkari lies in the convergence of traditional and contemporary art of fashion, similarly Liva identifies with the conflux of comfort and style in fashion. The confluence of two revolutionising fashion pillars is truly astonishing and breathtaking. Uncover the new era of fashion that is true, authentic, sustainable but most importantly, comforting.


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