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Just imagine You’re walking through the crowded markets, making your way to grab the offers, and your glance freezes on a red Banarasi saree, draped around a beautiful woman that reflects with you. A sudden urge of having a similar drape takes over, and you immediately search for a place to buy authentic Banarasi Saree, giving you a direction towards the holy city of Varanasi, google extinguishes your want for the saree. But, the lanes where the sarees are crafted with intricacy and love have made its ways to your doorstep. Drape yourself in Kasibunkari’s most authentic of pieces carrying an essence of aeons that weaved the sarees gracefully, with perfection and care.

Originating from the city of ghats Varanasi, Kasibunkari is all about the 9-yard fabric crafted by the bunkars. Our craft is rooted in the intricacy of the weaves that get crafted into the most exuberant of drapes. Each thread bears a story that breathes to assure the touch and feel of Banaras. The meticulous intricacies, exquisite quality standards, and well-established inexpensive price are designed to appeal to the average Indian woman.