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The Journey Of Saree: A Contemporary Evolution of Style

The Journey Of Saree:  A Contemporary Evolution of Style

The word “sari” has been derived from Sanskrit meaning “strip of cloth”. In India, sari is considered as a representation of our culture and tradition. Though sari appears as a simple piece of cloth, yet it has gained a lot of popularity and acceptance over the years. Sari as a piece of clothing was first seen on sculptures in the ancient Rig Vedas dating back to 3,000 B.C. Today, sari has evolved to such an extent that every state has its own style of draping and unique features associated with it. Women in the earlier era adopted sari as a dressing as it was a very simple and comfortable form of attire which suited their lifestyle. Sari is made and handcrafted using various types of fabrics, prints, colors, and designs giving women a range of options to choose from. India has a deep rooted history of heritage and culture which is clearly reflected in the outfits of Indian people. Over the years, sari has been seen and categorized as traditional attire, but in the recent year, the sari game is undergoing a transformation in terms of style and gradually finding a place in the western category. Sari has not only revolutionised the Indian fashion industry, but it has reached and travelled beyond Indian borders and made a significant impact and impression on other cultures across the world.

Stereotyping and restricting sari as a traditional fashion would be wrong as sari is weaved with versatility in itself which can transform into various styles, making it a perfect attire for any occasion. Currently, sari has grown and popularized as an epitome of pride and respect at various occasions. Western fashion has its own features and history which we have heard and read about. Even western fashion has undergone a tremendous transformation over the years giving it a new and distinct identity in the fashion world.

The weaving of traditional and western: As tradition and culture evolves over time, fashion also undergoes changes and transformations. Various prominent fashion designers have worked and made some significant transformations in the field of fashion. Sari is no longer listed under traditional category as over the years, there has been a collaboration of traditional and western fashion. Sari is now recognized under western fashion via a fusion of western and traditional outfits. This fusion of fashion has been loved and accepted throughout the world and we see it in our daily fashion as well.

Let us see how one can incorporate sari for a western look:

  • Drape it the Corporate Way: Western outfits like trousers, blazers and shirts have always been popular in the corporate world, but how about a sari? Earlier, corporate look was focused more on being presentable and modest, but now with changing perspectives and weather conditions, comfort and style has become of utmost importance. So, women can give themselves a break from their normal corporate look and experience a look that is comforting yet stylish. One can also accentuate the look with a blazer.
    Silk Saree
  • Button-Up Look: Why always restrict your sari look with a matching saree blouse? Try styling your sari with a western shirt which will give you a different look and make you stand out from the rest. One can team a simple linen sari with a bright full-sleeves printed shirt or just a simple plain shirt with a printed sari. To give the look a twist, you can just tie-up the shirt and try another interesting look.

  • Pull the Jacket Look: Tired of old and boring sari styles? How about trying something that is minimalistic yet stylish? For this, you can use silk or traditional sari as it adds to the overall look and feel of the outfit. You can simply wrap the sari as a skirt around your waist and team it up with a crop up and a denim jacket. Trust me; the sari game will surely make your day.

 Sari as an attire has come a long way, and it is here to continuously evolve and introduce new styles and fashion.

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